Nekograms is an adorable puzzle game about helping cats get to sleep. It features easy-to-learn but hard-to-master gameplay paired with charming visuals and soothing music. Whether you looking for a new type of puzzle game, or are just drawn to cute things, Nekograms has something for you.


Nekograms was originally produced as part of an internal game jam and first shown at the Perth Games Festival 2015. We further developed it for presentation at the Internet Cat Video Festival in 2016, and then more substantially for PAX AUS 2019 where it was met with overwhelming positivity! Two years later, we are very excited to be releasing Nekograms on iOS and Android for cat and puzzle lovers everywhere.


  • Original gameplay
  • 120 fun and challenging levels
  • Play with over 15 different cat breeds!
  • Tons of amewsing accessories
  • Explore three beautifully crafted worlds
  • Enjoy an original soundtrack of relaxing tunes




Selected Articles

  • It’s the perfect little game to play in between other things, it’s entertaining but gets pretty challenging the further you go into it.
    Ruby Innes, Kotaku AU
  • It’s good. It’s puzzles. It’s cats. It’s perfect.
    Grace Hester, goto game
  • Also, beating a level under par awarded you a ‘Purfect Score’, so extra points for puns.
    Dylan Bright, Explosion Network
  • Cats and adorable puzzle games. If that doesn’t sell you already, well, you can honestly go f**k yourself.
    Kieron Verbrugge, WellPlayed
  • There are times when a simple premise is applied so well, something special happens: a game that is just inherently amusing.
    Tony Cocking, Twinfinite

About Hungry Sky

Hungry Sky is a multi-award winning interactive design studio based in Perth, Western Australia. We create experiences, from interactive projections to multi-player AR and immersive VR games. We are very proud to be releasing out first self-published mobile game, Nekograms.
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Nekograms Credits

Nick Lowe
Lauren Fletcher
Art Director
Ben Hammersley
Audio Director
Minh Tran
Executive Producer
James Strauss
Matt Stentiford
Laura Lorian
Jess Watson
Marketing Consultant